Scientist from Botswana Wins iPad Mini Contest

posted on August 17, 2016 5:32pm

Minah Mmoni Mosele, principal research scientist and head of the Food Technology Department at the National Food Technology Research Centre in Botswana, was selected as the winner of the iPad Mini contest. Minah’s name was drawn from more than 200 submissions of people who attended the 2016 Joint Pan-African Grain Legume and World Cowpea Conference in Livingstone, Zambia, in March 2016, and returned the Post-Conference Survey.

In response to learning that she won, Minah proclaimed, “Wow! The best news ever! Thank you for the iPad Mini.”

At the Joint Pan-African Grain Legume and World Cowpea Conference in Livingstone, Zambia, Dr. Mosele found the broad spectrum of presentations on the various types of legumes interesting. She particularly enjoyed the talks related to nutrition and product development, which relates closely to her own research. She even garnered a few ideas for future research work.

''Dr. Mosele setting-Up a Mattson Cooker

In Botswana, Dr. Mosele loves working with cereals and legumes using a wide range of processing technologies, including malting, fermentation, and baking. Her currently research involves profiling legumes grown in Botswana and developing products from cowpeas and sorghum, alone and in combination, to create nutritional, affordable products. 

Dr. Mosele completed her MS in April 2005 at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, having researched the physico-chemical effects of micronisation on cowpeas for her Master’s thesis; in particular, she explored the texture, color, cooking time, water absorption, and structural properties of cowpea. While at the University of Pretoria, Dr. Mosele enjoyed working with former Legume Innovation Lab TMAC member Dr. Amanda Minaar, who served on the Dry Grain Pulses CRSP TMAC from 2003 to 2007.

After completing her master’s degree, Dr. Mosele continued her doctoral studies at the University of Copenhagen, where she studied the chemical and structural characterization of Marama bean carbohydrates, earning her PhD degree in 2012.

The Feed the Future Legume Innovation Lab, IITA, and CIAT are honored to present Dr. Minah Mmoni Mosele with an iPad Mini for completing the Conference Survey immediately after the 2016 Joint Pan-African Grain Legume and World Cowpea Conference.