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  • S01.A1–NDSU

    Genetic Improvement of Middle-American Climbing Beans for Guatemala

  • S01.A2-MSU

    Improving Photosynthesis in Grain Legumes with New Plant Phenotyping Technologies

  • S01.A3-MSU

    MSU Improving Genetic Yield Potential of Andean Beans with Increased Resistances to Drought and Major Foliar Diseases and Enhanced Biological Nitrogen Fixation (BNF)

  • S01.A4-UPR

    Development and implementation of robust molecular markers and genetic improvement of common and tepary beans to increase grain legume production in Central America and Haiti

  • S01.A5-UCR

    Genetic improvement of cowpea to overcome drought and biotic constraints to grain productivity

  • S01.B1-UIUC

    IPM-omics: Scalable and sustainable solutions for pest management of insect pests of cowpea in Africa

  • S02-1-ISU

    Farmer Decision Making Strategies for Improved Soil Fertility Management in Maize-Bean Production Systems

  • S02-2-KSU

    Enhancing Value-Chain Performance through Improved Understanding of Consumer Behavior and Decision-Making

  • S03-1-WUSL

    Legumes, Environmental Enteropathy, the Microbiome and Child Growth in Malawi

  • S04-1-MSU

    Impact Assessment of Dry Grain Pulses CRSP Investments in Research, Institutional Capacity Building and Technology Dissemination for Improved Program Efforts