2015 PCCMCA Conference

posted on March 9, 2015 10:15am

The program for the 60th meeting of the Society of the Central American Cooperative Program for the Improvement of Crops and Animals (PCCMCA) includes conference presentations and minicourses on:

  • The State of Food and Agriculture in the World
  • Sustainable Intensification of Agricultural Production (ISPA)
  • Scientific, Cultural and Political Foundations that Support Research and Innovation of Bean Cultivation in the Human Diet in Developing Countries (Irvin Widders, director, Legume Innovation Lab)
  • The Use of Beneficial Microorganisms in Root Nutrition and Health of Agricultural Crops
  • Biofortification of Beans and Cassava: Conventional Improvement
  • Connecting Research with Farmers through Conservation Agriculture
  • The Role of Organic Matter in Soil Health
  • Conference “Nutrition research and biological impact of biofortified foods: beans, sweet potato, cassava, rice and maize”
  • Sustainable intensive agriculture in Latin America, a look forward
  • A linkage model for sustainable modernization of traditional agriculture.
  • Nutrition Research and Biological Impact of Biofortified Foods: Beans, Sweet Potato, Cassava, Rice and Maize
  • Sustainable Intensive Agriculture in Latin America, a Look Forward
  • A Linkage Model for Sustainable Modernization of Traditional Agriculture.
  • Legumes, Rice/Sorghum, Vegetables/Fruit, Animal Production, Miscellaneous


For more detail on the program, link to the conference brochure.