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IYP Events Page Launched

Tepary Beans Offer Hope for Hot, Drought Prone Areas Affected by Climate Change


''PCCMCA 2015 Meeting


Irvin Widders Honored with 2015 Ralph Smucker Award


Awards Presented at Global Meeting 2014


''Global Meeting, Athens 2014

New Pest Management Grant to Improve Cowpea Yields in West Africa (July 2014)

''Legume Innovation Lab Graduate Student Kelvin Kamfwa (September 2014)


Women Farmer Organizations Assume Active Role in Cowpea Seed Multiplication in Burkina Faso


Advances in Understanding and Guiding Farmer Decision-Making Strategies


2016 Designated International Year of Pulses


Impacts of the Bean Technology Dissemination Project in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Haiti


Farmer and Youth Groups in Niger Get Acquainted with Biological Pest Control in Cowpea


Pulse CRSP Highlighted in MSU Spartans 360 Report 


Scientific Animations without Borders 


Virus-resistant Bean Developed and Approved in Brazil


Grain Legume Value Chains in Zambi Benefit Diverse Stakeholders