Additional Capacity Building Funds

The Legume Innovation Lab recognizes that National Agriculture Research Systems (NARS) and agriculture universities need to acquire and maintain cutting-edge research and extension capacity to effectively address the challenges facing grain legume sectors and to contribute to economic growth and food and nutritional security in their respective countries. This resarch requires investments in human resource development, scientific equipment, laboratory and field facilities, computer technology, and infrastructure.

In addition to the capacity building efforts integral to each of the Legume Innovation Lab-funded projects, the Management Office budgets and competitively awards funds to host country institutions for capacity building, with the intent that these funds be utilized to address critical needs of host country collaborators that exceed the budgetary limits of the current projects or to respond to needs of agricultural research institutions in USAID priority countries that may be future collaboratoring institutions. Often the funds are complementary to other investments, offering opportunities to experiment with new methods or expand training to a broader set of agents.